Matte foundation helps oily skin from shining and has a smooth matte finish. If you have dry skin and prefer a matte finish, you need to make sure your skin is well prepped and really moisturized since it can be somewhat drying. So for oily skinned people, a matte foundation is the solution to a lasting flawless makeup. In this  article, i`ll try to give you a few tips on applying and choosing a matte foundation for oily skin.

Matte foundation is specially designed for oily skin and keeps the oils your face in check.

Steps in applying the matte foundation for oily skinSteps in applying  matte foundation for oily skin:

  • Cleanse your face with a cleanser that is appropriate for your ski type;
  • Use toner if you are really oily, and then moisturize;
  • After letting everything sink into the skin, prime your face. This is an essential step as it fills the pores and provides a smoother surface;
  • Apply the foundation using a stippling brush or a beauty blender;
  • Concealer is next(if you need it).Dab it with your finger on the under eye area and problem areas on you face if you feel you need to, don`t drag it otherwise you`ll just move the foundation around and all the application hustle will be for not;
  • Set the whole face with a finnishing powder. For oily skin a compact powder is recommended;
  • After finnishing the rest of the makeup( eyes, eyebrows, powder countour/highlight/blush, lips), set everything with a finishing spray or thermal water, it will last a lot longer.

Follow these steps everytime you do your makeup and it should make a huge difference. When it comes to matte foundation for oily skin the secret is right there in the title: use ALL MATTE products.

Cleaning the skin is the most important step of it all. When you have a clean smooth surface to work with the rest is easy! So make sure you keep your skin clean. Use scrubs and cleansers to remove dead cells and clean pores to prevent acne and a tired skin look. A good cleansing routine removes excess oils, and the quality of skincare and makeup products will help to hide uneven skin, black spots and so on.

Best quality makeup for oily skin:

Best and quality makeup for oily skinA quality matte foundation is one of the best ways to create an even skin tone and hide skin imperfections. Also, mineral foundation for oily skin is another good solution since it`s made of natural ingredients. It will not clog your pores, look cakey or make your acne worse.

When having oily skin you must avoid products that have oils in them, especially the ones that are very hydrating.

Tip: One oil you CAN use is Rose Hip Oil. This is an astringent oil and will help your pores close.

Use matte powder blushes and contours. The highlight can be a little shiny but don`t exagerrate. You can use lip glosses to bring back a little shine to your face.

Some makeup tips for oily skin:

  • Use blot powder;
  • Blotting paper;
  • Use oil control skincare products;
  • Don`t be afraid of tissue paper – it can be your best friend on a hot summer day;
  • Proper cleansing and moisturizing;
  • Water based oil-free foundations are the best solutions;

If you follow the above-mentioned steps and also select the perfect foundation for you, then you will get flawless and natural looking skin. The level of coverage is all up to you , there is a lot to choose from out there.

I hope these tips can help you find the best matte foundation for oily skin you can find, that meets your skin`s needs and helps you get the confidence you need. Just remember you are beautiful in more ways than one, inside and outside!