Are you looking for a foundation for oily skin? If so, then  this is the right place to find out what to look for when hunting for a good foundation. It’s not shocking news because 7 out of 10 people don’t know how to choose a good foundation for oily skin.

Nowadays, most of the advertisements show only half truths about their products, so it’s hard to find the best foundation for oily skin through advertisements.

What is a good foundation for oily skin?

What is a good foundation for oily skinWhen you’re looking for a good foundation for oily skin, a foundation which is made up of natural ingredients is best for the skin.

On the other hand, a foundation that contains harmful ingredients leads to side effects. Yes, if you use a foundation which is made out of ingredients that are harmful to the skin, then you should face some side effects.

Therefore,let`s see  what would be in a good foundation for oily skin. A good foundation for oily skin highly depends on the ingredients that are present in the product.

What are the harmful ingredients present in foundations?

  • Parabens;
  • Alcohol;
  • Fragrances.

These are the harmful ingredients that can be present in foundation. Additionally, these ingredients are not only harmful to skin, but also to other systems in our body.

Alcohol is a dehydrating agent and it dries the skin, it increases dryness and wrinkles, and results in redness in eyes and watery eyes.The chemicals in the product can cause irritations  and even allergies.What are the harmful ingredients presences in skin foundation

How to choose a good foundation for oily skin?

As I already said that, a foundation that includes natural ingredients is a good foundation for oily skin. So, look for the ingredients that are derived from natural products. What types of ingredients should be present? This is your next question! right?!
Ok! Here they are :

  • Plant extracts
  • Natural oils
  • Fruits

These are some of the natural ingredients that foundation should be made of. These kinds of ingredients are safe and  work well on oily skin.

For example, a foundation ingredient called  Bio-Active keratin and which is made using natural products such as peptides, amino acids, and vitamins.This makes it a natural ingredient that helps nourish and regenerate skin cells. A moisturized skin ages a lot harder than a dry skin.

So in order to find a good foundation for oily skin keep in mind that natural is the best way to go.

Hope this article helps you find a good product suited for your skin !