Finding a foundation for oily skin is a somewhat daunting task. If you are have oily skin, it can be challenging to find oily skin foundations that will appear flawless and won`t make your skin even oilier. A good foundation for oily skin will not budge and will stay matte all day.The coverage is all up to you, although keep in mind that a full coverage is recommended if you don`t want blemishes an imperfections to shine throughThere are different kinds of good foundation for oily skin.

When searching for foundation you have to be aware of how severe your skin condition is. Nowdays almost all cosmetics companies create their products based on various types of skin or for specific skin problems. This should make it much easier for us to find the perfect foundation. Specialists suggest that you should avoid harsh skin care products like rough scrubs and such Instead try going for a softer approach like mild scrubs and cleansers.

So what should a Good Foundation for Oily Skin be based on?

Having oily skin can become an irritating lifestyle, but if you`re careful and properly take care of your skin, putting on makeup stop being stressful and even become relaxaing. People with oily skin have a habit of expressing age more gradually and hurt less than dry skinned people. The ones with dry skin tend to age a lot faster so there is an advantage for you right there! You stay younger for longer. But let`s get back to the subject, shall we?
When looking for a good foundation for oily skin you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is my oily skin due to hormonal problems,  stress related, poor alimentation, poor skincare regime or a combination of some of these factors?
  • Do I have acne problems?
  • Do I want a foundation for day-to-day use or for special occasions ?
  • What kind of coverage do I want? Versus What kind of coverage do i want?
  • Do I want a matte finnish (recommended) or a dewy finish?

First off if your problems are internal you need a professional consult and fix it. Otherwise you`ll keep having the same problem until you do fix it. Alimentation is another matter. You can consult a nutritionist or go by trial and error and see what makes your skin condition worse(but that would take forever , so again, see a professional ). As for skin care regime, always choose products specifically designed for you skin type.If you have acne problems it can be hormonal but superficially  treatable with products that contain salicylic acid.
Depending on what you want foundation for (daytime/nightime), or how severe your skin condition is you can finally choose coverage and finish.


Best Liquid Foundation for oily skinThere are different formulas to a good foundation for oily skin:

­Tinted Creams: Suitable for normal to dry skin that need a little attention. It helps to even out your skin tone and keeps it moisturized.

Liquid Foundations: Suitable to just about all types of skin. Best liquid foundation for oily skin should be Oil free.

OintmentBasis: It is the best foundation for mature skin that needs the maximum level of attention. It`s the best choice for people with aging skin.

Cream-to-Powder Basis:It has a soft feel which dries to a powder finish. You probably won`t need a setting powder for this kind of foundation. It`s suitable for Oily and Combination skin.

Powder DenseBasis: It is designed especially for oily skin and provides high to medium coverage. It can be applied with a brush for an even distribution.