Do you have combination skin? Want to know what is the best foundation for combination skin? Then keep reading this article.

Combination skin is the most complex skin type and people who have this type of skin usually deal with both oily and dry skin problems. If you have combination skin, then probably you have found that oils are produced at different rates on different parts of the face and body.

How to find the best foundation for combination skin?

Due to the production oil at a different rates and using a single product to treat both types of skin is easy, choosing a product that fits both dry and oily skin is very tough. Along with an adequate skin care routine, makeup is also an issue.

For example, if you find a product that contains anti-aging properties to reduce wrinkles and lines on dry skin, then you also need to make sure that the product is fit for blemishes and oil control on oily skin. Therefore, choosing a product which fits both types of skin is a very difficult task.

Facial cleanser for combination skin I’m going to give you few tips on how to choose the best foundation for combination skin. Before choosing foundation, you need to make sure your skin care products are especially designed for combination skin.

Facial cleanser for combination skin:

The moisture level of combination skin is somewhat troublesome when using just a single cleanser. In this case, there are 2 options: one option is to purchase more products to treat different parts of the skin and another one is to buy oil-free cleansers which don’t strip away moisture.

If your face is more oily, then a good idea is to look for a gentle cleanser. At the same time, people who have combination skin must choose a cleanser that evens out the moisture level of the skin.

Moisturizer for combination skin:

In order to reduce the effects of aging and to avoid damages to the skin, moisturizer is very important. Meanwhile, a combination skin doesn’t get affected by dryness in the T-zone.

In this case, choose a product which doesn’t contain a large amount of oil. So, look for gel and thinner lotions that work better than heavier moisturizers and creams. If you buy a moisturizer which includes retinol and vitamin A, then make sure that it also contains anti-How to choose a foundation for combination skinoxidants.

How to choose a foundation for combination skin?

After choosing appropriate cleanser and moisturizer for your combination skin, you also need to choose a good foundation wich is appropriate for your skin type. Many foundations don’t work well with combination skin and give poor results. If your chosen foundation gives you a greasy finish on your face, then you should choose an oil-free foundation.

Hence, with the correct product and a strict skin care regime, you can get an eve, youthful lasting finish.