Foundations are the base for a beatiful long lasting makeup. There are plenty of long-lasting foundations available out there for any skin type and skin tone. it`s desgined to give you a youthful and healthy natural look. Teenagers love to try new makeup products, but the base makeup is always the same- foundation. In this piece of article, I`d like to discuss long lasting foundations. Choosing the right foundation for your skin type is relatively a tricky task especially for newbies.

Have solid foundation for long lasting effect

You need to have solid foundation for long lasting effect:

Choosing the right foundation is the most important step to a perfect makeup look. Foundation can be found in a wide variety of colors, coverage and textures, and are specially formulated for all types of skin. Paired with other makeup products you can achieve the perfect canvas for your makeup.

Here are some of the long lasting makeup products I`ve used over time and fell inlove with, hope you`ll love them too:


Estee lauders’ double wear is also a wonderful foundation that is quite oil free, fragrance-free and wears quite comfortable . It gives you excellent coverage feels light weight and looks flawless.

Maybelline super stay foundation also gives you an incredible coverage and is oil free but lack in yellow toned color selection.

Amazing tips for selecting the foundation

There are many many many foundations out there that you can try, it all comes down to personal preference. Jut remember to always mind your skin type and skin tone when choosing your foundation, when you find it you`ll know!

Hope this article helped you even a little bit in trying to find the best long lasting foundation for you. like I said it always comes down to personal preference so do what makes you feel good and gives you confidence! You do YOU, girl!