Mature woman smiling, close-up

Usually as we get older, our skin gets drier and looses it`s glow, that`s when fine lines and wrinkles make an appearance. Big pores also seem to pose a big problem. Mature skin comes with a whole new set of problems, so finding the best face products for mature skin can be quite the task.

It`s common sense to want to look as best as you can and makeup is a modest resolution to help you do that. I can`t stress enough about how much skincare matters, and if done properly and constantly, will help you age beautifully. Traces of time on your face should not be a scarlet letter.

As I`ve stated before in almost all my articles, foundation is key to a beautiful makeup, especially for mature skin.

The best foundation for mature skin:

There are several top of the line foundations on the market. Their vary from drugstores foundation to high end ones, which will sting your pockets but are so worth the money. For a mature skin a liquid foundation is recommendable. One that doesn`t set intro wrinkles and fine lines is even better.Foundation for mature skin

If you tend to get oily then a mousse consistency, or a powder foundation is what you need.
Always choose your foundation according to your specific skin type.

Foundation for mature skin:

Some of the foundations suggested for mature skin:

Here are a few techniques to apply foundation fon oily skin

  • Take good care of your skin , a healthy canvas is a good canvas;
  • Match the foundation to your skin color correctly, specifically to your neck;
  • Avoid problematic areas. If you have a problem with foundation creasing in your fine lines, don`t cake on a lot of product, in this case less is more!
  • Set the foundation with powder so it doesn`t crease. Use loose powder if you have dry/normal skin and compact if you have oily tendences.

Selecting the best foundation for mature skinSelecting the best foundation for mature skin:

You should choose the foundation that will be perfect for you skin type. So here is what you should be looking for according to your skin type.

For Dry Skin:  You should go for a liquid formula. Other types of foundations will dry out your already dry skin. You need a foundation that will keep the moisture in your skin not dry it out. So go with liquid foundations.

For Normal Skin: Try tinted moisturizers which are basic tinted lotions and the best choise for those who don`t need special attention for their skin. Nowdays you can find tinted moisturizers with pretty decent coverage.

For  Oily Skin: Go with mineral and powder foundations. These types of foundation mainly help with oil control. The powders soak up the oils that seap through your skin. It a good idea to always have a compact powder with you to touch up during the day.